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Student Services Center
NBS Student Services Center

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences, Dean's Office
Location: LIB 5734
Phone: (310) 243-2547
Fax: (310) 516-3987

For more information related to the College, please contact Miya Smith Assistant to the Dean/Office Manager.


NBS Values

Teaching and Learning 

a) We value teaching and learning practices that enable and demand excellence in the academic performance of our students.
b) We value a learning environment that facilitates student and faculty engagement within and outside the classroom.
c) We value the ongoing excellence of our University library in providing the resources needed by students, faculty and the wider community.
d) We value the use of varied modes of instruction within our academic and support programs, to enhance teaching and learning.
e) We value the role of technology in teaching & learning.

Academic Standards

a) We value outstanding academic performance and encourage each student to strive for excellence.
b) We value liberal arts, natural sciences and social sciences because of their primary role in the development of critical intellectual and learning skills and understanding the world.
c) We value graduate education that fosters higher-level cognitive skills in our students and prepares them for leadership positions.
d) We value programs which prepare highly qualified students for the world of work by emphasizing academic inquiry, personal integrity, and a commitment to lifelong learning.
e) We value professional education which promotes critical thinking and a high level of ethics to prepare students to assume professional roles in the community. 
f) We value the training of high quality educators in our respective disciplines.  

Research and Scholarship

a) We value faculty research, scholarship and creative activity and engagement of students in those endeavors.
b) We value equipment, technology, training, support and library facilities that enable faculty and students to stay current in their fields. 
c) We value the pursuit of external funding.
d) We value disciplinary and multi-disciplinary collaborative research, both internally and externally. 


a) We value and foster learning environments that respect and support our diversity.
b) We value support of our highly diverse multiethnic and multicultural populations.

Maximizing Learning Opportunities

a) We value accessibility to our programs to meet the needs of our diverse constituents.
b) We value support services and resources that maximize our students’ progress to graduation.

Global Perspectives

a) We value teaching and research that incorporates global and cross cultural understanding.
b) We value inter-collegiate research and collaboration with colleagues from other cultures and countries in our respective disciplines.

Collegiality and Transparency

a) We value collegiality. 
b) We value transparent and open decision-making processes.